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Welcome to kennel Casa Alto Cristelo

One of our slogans is quality rather than quantity and so we decided choose to work with some of the world's best blood lines. This factor together with other factors for the selection and quality for us delimited, which make when you purchasing a BULLMASTIFF CASA ALTO CRISTELO make sure that will create a true BULLMASTIFF, the result of a serious and professional work.

All our breeding dogs are selected on meticulous points in the morphological field and the vet. We want to collect information all our breeding which in most cases before the 6th generation. In support Veterinarian have as partners the LEÇA VET laying at our disposal all its expertise and excellent infrastructure.

We will be happy to welcome you in our facilities so you can enjoy the professionalism and accuracy of our work, to have a contact more close to our dogs and to be able to get to know a little more of the breed.

Ricardo Silva & Sandra Nogueira